Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Days Go By is having a contest for her 300th blog post. Go check it out, and tell her I sent you!

P.S. Scroll down; she has some pretty photos of a beach.


Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Hi Rita, Thanks for the comments and the link...and your tip was the funniest and perhaps the best so far! :-) Feel free to snag my beach pics for your enjoyment, Mary B. in Vegas does for her 'therapy' too.

rita said...

You made my day! I spent quite a while gazing at your photos trying to soak up some salty air. I commented farther down the blog on your Key West trip; I'm a big fan of Key West and Florida in general.

Antevasin said...

Thanks for the link Rita...reminded me I NEED to get to the beach too! We only live about 1 1/2 hrs from San Francisco and it's a nice drive and I'm thinking since it's a 3 day weekend...hmmmmmmm Anyway, I sure enjoyed reading through Nancy's blog!

rita said...

I need the beach, too, but I live a good 5 hours from Virginia Beach, and it's not a real beach, in my opinion. No palm trees. No shells. The water's rough, but not rough enough for surfing. Florida has spoiled me!

My husband and I are taking A to CA this summer for two weeks, includng a trip to the San Francisco area. Do you happen to live near any gold panning areas? We're planning to take A to at least one of those.

Maybe we can meet!