Friday, February 08, 2008

And the winner is......


I haven't bought yarn since I bought some of Claudia's back in September or so. I haven't needed to buy yarn. I have plenty. I didn't plan to buy any yarn (although thoughts of nice, soft superwash for babies was becoming an obsession). But last week, the woman for whom I'm knitting the I'm Done socks told me that our favorite (and only 3 years old) LYS is going out of business.

I may have written about this before. I have no brain cells left that aren't full of song lyrics from the 60s, along with who wrote what song and what the flip side of the record was. But that's another story. I may write it someday, if I can remember it.

Okay, looks like I didn't mention that my favorite LYS is going out of business. So, now you know.

There have been 3 yarn shops in this small city for the last three years. Two opened at the same time, which was unfortunate, because the larger one already had a following from the small shop the owner had a few miles down the road. I would have thought that they could all coexist peacefully and continue into infinity; they have different types of yarn, different types of knitters, different philosophies. (philosophy? Why, yes, I use philosophy products, and if anyone out there wants to buy a gift for someone special who could really really use a neck lift and a new decollete, here's a good place to start.)

Where was I? Oh, the LYS.

ANYway, since I've been such a bad customer for the last year (I had big hopes when she opened, but a yarn diet dashed those), I felt obligated to go in and buy what I could, especially since some of the prices are really good. Most things were 25% off, but some of the yarn was 50-75% off, and I found some bargains. Including some of that superwash I've been dreaming about.

I'd seen this before online and thought it was cute, so I bought it for A so she can have the darling knitting needles and I can have the darling book of doggie patterns:

Closeup of the needles:

I'd love to have them for myself, but I have to be reasonable; I don't like to use straight needles, and these are the right size for A. I'm not dumb enough to harbor hope that they'll last forever and she can pass them down to her daughter or granddaughter, they'll probably get lost when B2 takes them to play Tower of Terror or Doggie Rides the Monorail, but they're cute and they weren't expensive.

Next, some luscious Bam Boo that's soft and coral (a favorite color of mine) and I don't know what I'll do with it, but it was half off and I had to have it.

Lily Chin superwash in a dark sapphire:

Only 3 balls, unfortunately. I was envisioning a hat, sweater, and booties for a teacher's new baby boy.

Last, more superwash, a deeper, maybe grayer blue, in Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride bulky, the first of this brand I've had:

There. My conscience is appeased. And I have superwash to play with. Win-win, if you ask me.


Antevasin said...

Ohhhh, I've been wanting to try some of that Bamboo for a project! I can hardly wait to see what you come up with. :=)

rita said...

Me too! I made a top of SW Bamboo a couple of years ago, but I haven't blocked it; geeeeez I hate doing that. It HAS to be blocked, as it somehow twisted. But I loved working with that yarn, and I think this one will be just as wonderful.

It'll probably be a shrug for my Orlando granddaughter, because I think I'm too big for only 8 balls at 77 yards a ball!

Antevasin said...

You could always send it to me and I'll find something to do with it...hehehe

rita said...

Stranger things have happened, honey!

Kathleen C. said...

Yeah, I thought that was my saphire blue Karabella for a moment too!
I'm sorry that Heidi's closing the store, but in this case we sure won... I don't want to think of how much I spent while saving money at her sale!