Thursday, January 10, 2008

Zippy's next sweater

I still haven't finished his current sweater (see previous post at the end), but I already have a new pattern ready to go: Cables and Bits. It's not really practical, but it's so doggone cute (ha!) that I have to try it. I've never tried cables before so it will be interesting (read: difficult) to knit, but I've got to try it.

Jax looks so happy with her new sweater!

Pattern & images © 2007 by Sarah Wilson

Check out her blog; it has a bunch of free patterns (granted, most of them are golf club covers; golf and its appeal are things I'll never understand, but there are some socks, a scarf, a shrug, etc.). Do you recognize the grass, Florida Freaks? It's that wonderful springy grass that I love to walk barefoot on. Another thing that I like about Sarah! (She lives in S. FL, which is where I'd love to live.)


elisa said...

I'm totally going to knit Allie and Zorro each their own Cables + Bits sweater - Jax looks so flippin' happy in his sweater that I must make them for my muppets!

I really loved your previous post about your granddaughter, Rita - what a beautiful girl she is, and a knitter already!

rita said...

Isn't Jax so cute? Zippy will no doubt look embarrassed when he wears his, but too bad. I have to knit it anyway!

Thank you for your sweet comments, Elisa. That little (well, not so little now) girl is my doll. I'm so proud of her that she learned to knit this trip; it meant so much to me (and as you know, it's all about me).