Friday, January 25, 2008

Ten degrees

That is all.


elisa said...

I'm cold just thinking about it!

TheBlackSheep said...

I'll swap with you. We hit 45 degrees today. Much too warm.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Because of that I saw Elisa's post and have e-mailed her about the squares. I hope I can help.

The pattern isn't really complicated by the way. It just takes patience and a lot of paying attention to what you're doing. Paying attention is the part I have a problem with :P

Anonymous said...

You didn't complain on your blog about monday when we didn't have a tempature.

Susan Pandorf said...

Yeah, I can identify. I think I'm running a contest tomorrow about staying warm. Until then I'll knit my bunny socks and dream of spring...


rita said...

Monday--zero. Freakin' zero. Mr. Anonymous knows that I complained bitterly in person.

45 is too warm??? Please trade??? I'm glad that you want to help Elisa, too. Together we'll put together a lovely, warm blanket for her dad. Knitters are the best!

I have a big problem with paying attention, too. Never my strong suit.

Susan, I'll try (remember that paying attention thing?) to remember to check your blog tomorrow. I can't wait to knit my own bunny socks.

Spring? I'm dreaming of summer!