Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow day!

I'm not one who wants to use up our "bank" of snow days; I'd rather have the time off early at the end of the school year. But today I'm glad to be at home.

It wasn't snowing at 6 a.m., but NOAA's weather map showed a buttl0ad of precipitation heading our way, and for once our supe went with science instead of looking out the window, not seeing any snow or ice (I think he lives in Hawaii), and saying, "Aw, we might as well go in today." Even yesterday morning the principal announced the schedule for Friday in case we were off today (exam schedule days).

Now it's looking like we still might be getting snow or ice at 10 a.m. tomorrow, so it's anybody's guess what will happen with school.

I hope the supe looks out the right window in the morning.


elisa said...

Can I tell you how charming I think the furry deer are?

Stay warm and safe with all that snow!

rita said...

That's Old Mommy, and she's the fuzziest deer you'll ever see! She always has tufts of fuzz sticking out all over, while the other deer all look freshly groomed. I love her to pieces!

Back at school today, but it sure was nice to have a day off!