Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Showing off

I'm just so proud of my work on Zippy's Penny sweater.

Can you just feel the sarcasm oozing there?

After watching A knit her part of the sweater, and with the nasty freakin' cold weather we've had, I wanted to finish it, put it on Zip, and sit back and enjoy his warmth.

So I quickly finished it, sewed it up, then the next morning picked it up and. I'd. Sewn. Up. The. Legholes.

And yes, red wine was involved. Why do you ask? That Zippy is such a lush.


Particulars: Claudia's worsted, Desert Dusk colorway, about 1.5 skeins
Penny, with rows added at the back waist to cover Zippy's back
US size 8 needles (I think)


Leah said...

So where is Zippy to model this wonderful creation???? Off nursing a hangover?

rita said...

Well, given that Zippy can't actually put this thing on yet, modelling hasn't happened.

Maybe after another glass of wine.